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We recognize that your privacy is important. This documentoutlines the types of personal information we receive andcollect when you use TennisProviso.com, as well as someof the steps we take to safeguard information. We hope thiswill help you make an informed...

Tennis Match Tactics

Tennis match tactics are often overlooked by the average tennis player, but it is a very crucial element of a successful tennis game because tennis matches are decided by who makes the least mistakes. Most tennis players think that in...

Faster Serve Tennis

Faster Serve Tennis concepts is an integral part of reaching your maximum potential playing no matter what your tennis level may be, you can improve with the right type of teaching methods from tennis experts. Former World No. 1,  Patrick...

Tennis Video Challenges

Tennis video challenges have been made since 2006 when professional tennis introduced its own form of instant replay which has positively changed the game of tennis. The tennis video challenges are made utilizing Hawk-Eye Technology. Before the video challenges were...

Second Serve Tips

Second serve tips should not be taken lightly by recreational tennis players when they are practicing before a match, it is true that you are only as good as your second serve. The weakest part of many recreational tennis players...

Famous Tennis Players

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