Tennis Drills Depth

Learning to control your tennis stroke is extremely important.  Tennis drills depth practice teaches you to control points from the baseline to the service line which is critical  during a tennis match. How many times have you hit a good...

Tennis Footwork

Great tennis footwork is the key to great tennis, which is a fact too many players overlook. I see far too many coaches and club players concentrating — and in fact wasting too much time and energy — on one...

Shanghai Tennis Academy

The Shanghai Tennis Academy was the first American tennis academy to open in mainland China, it is capitalizing on the growing popularity of tennis in Asia and it will help introduce the sport of tennis to countless numbers of tennis...

Tennis Consistency Drills

Tennis consistency drills are a great teaching method for all tennis players, not only for recreational tennis players, who are having difficulty in winning crucial points. When you are playing against your opponent, the number one problem most people have...

Tennis Training Facility

  A great Tennis Training Facility needs to have this all important attribute.  It should offer programs not only for tennis, but fitness programs and social activities for everyone.  It is important to keep your body physically fit and your...

Famous Tennis Players

Tennis For Beginners

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