Tennis Resistance Band Exercises

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Tennis resistance band exercises are based on the principle of using an increased force in order to tone and strengthen your muscles, which is beneficial to tennis players who use all of their muscles.

Tennis players are using tennis resistance band exercises as an alternative to working out with heavy exercise equipment.  Exercises with resistance bands are practical because the bands are compact, light and safe.

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands – Low Cost

“Resistance bands provide training without the use of expensive equipment or the need to join a gym.  For the price of one month’s gym membership or less, you can set yourself up with everything you need for a complete resistance workout.”

The results that tennis players can expect to receive from tennis resistance band exercises are:

  • Enhanced muscle tone, strength, endurance, power and flexibility
  • Improved posture and support around joints
  • Greater flexibility and range of movement in joints
  • Improved metabolism, body weight control and energy
  • Greater enjoyment of sports like golf, skiing and tennis
  • Prevention of muscle and joint atrophy (loss of muscle mass) caused by aging
  • Improved bone protection and reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Reduced risk of injury

The resistance exercises are good for your upper body and lower body.  The exercises will help prevent injuries and improve your coordination when playing your favorite sport.

Resistance Bands

The resistance bands for the upper body are for your deltoids and rotator cuff muscles.  These exercises will keep your muscles in good shape.  Side lateral raises, upright rows,  are a few of the important exercises for your shoulder area.

The resistance exercises for the lower body includes squats, deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, lunges, leg extensions and leg extensions and leg curls are used to keep your legs in tip top shape.

The core is very important in sports.  Your core is the collective term for your abs, waist and lower back.  It is important for your ball striking in tennis.  You can keep your core strong and increase your hitting power by performing resistance band wood chops, side bends, kneeling crunches, band-resistance extensions and Pallof presses.

All of these exercises will help your performance and help keep you injury free.  Enjoy the great game of tennis.

Source:  Resistance Band Workout, A Simple Way to Train and Strengthen Your Muscles by James Milligan, http://livehealthy.chron.com/tennis-fitness-exercises-resistance-bands-2779.html

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